CicmWrapper  Beta 0.4
A wrapper for Pure Data
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Ct_atomThe t_atom struture
 Ct_bangThe GUI bang structure
 Ct_binbufThe t_binbuf struture
 Ct_clockThe t_clock struture
 Ct_eattrThe attribute
 Ct_eboxThe GUI object
 Ct_eclassThe class
 Ct_edrawparamsThe drawing parameters
 Ct_edspThe DSP structure
 Ct_edspboxThe GUI DSP object
 Ct_edspobjThe DSP object
 Ct_efontThe font structure
 Ct_egobjThe drawing object
 Ct_elayerThe drawing layer
 Ct_eobjThe default object
 Ct_epopupThe popup structure
 Ct_eproxyThe Proxy object
 Ct_etextThe text structure
 Ct_ewidgetThe default method of a class
 Ct_gobjThe graphical t_object struture
 Ct_hslA hsl color structure
 Ct_hslaA hsla color structure
 Ct_matrixA matrix structure
 Ct_objectThe t_object struture
 Ct_outletThe t_outlet struture
 Ct_ptA point structure
 Ct_rectA rectangle structure
 Ct_rgbA rgb color structure
 Ct_rgbaA rgba color structure
 Ct_symbolThe t_symbol struture
 Ct_wordThe t_word struture